Denture Relines

Relines often provide a solution to loose fitting dentures. It is important to reline your dentures due to bone loss, health issues, change in medication(s) and weight gain or loss. The upper denture should be relined about every 3-4 years and the lower denture should be relined about every 2 years.

Temporary Liners:

Temporary liners are used in existing dentures to fill in the space created as bone and soft tissues underneath the denture change. 

Temporary liners are required:

  • After recent tooth extractions because of significant bone change occurring for the first year
  • To clear up any irritation prior to making new denture(s) and prior to relining dentures
  • If you lose or gain weight due to diet, health problems, or any changes in physical health and change in medications

Every person and their needs are different. Prior to starting any treatment you should see your Denturist or Dental Professional.