Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are needed when a person has lost all of their upper and/or lower natural teeth. These are made after your natural teeth have been extracted. The complete dentures can be made in as little as 2 days. Your new complete dentures are made of pink acrylic, and the teeth are made of composite resin or porcelain to resemble your natural teeth and gums. We offer two types of complete dentures, Standard Dentures and Complex Dentures.

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Standard Dentures

  • Uses an “average” jaw joint angle
  • Most common type of denture
  • Economical way of getting dentures

Complex Dentures

  • Works with patients actual jaw movement
  • Requires more clinical and lab time to complete this type of denture
  • A Facebow bite registration is used to measure the actual positon of the teeth and reproduce the jaw movements

Every person and their needs are different. Prior to starting any treatment you should see your Denturist or Dental Professional.