Denture Care

cm6zhxavwv_be35a92d_0c61_4cb4_e2c9_aa97d4860eb0Follow-Up Denture Care

When you receive your new dentures from Cornerstone Denture Clinic, you may need further adjustments. You should see your denturist annually for a check-up for the health of the tissues in your mouth and proper fit of your dentures.

  • Lower dentures should be relined about every 2 years
  • Upper dentures should be relined about every 3-4 years
  • Dentures should be replaced about every 5 years

Denture Care Products, Mouth Guards & Night Guards

As your full service denture centre in Drayton Valley, Cornerstone Denture Clinic supplies products that will aid in the care and maintenance of your dentures. We can also help protect your teeth with mouth guards and night guards. If you are involved in contact sports or need a way to prevent damage due to teeth grinding and clenching, we have your solution.

We are pleased to supply you with the following products:

  • Pro-form mouth guards
  • Nu-Dent® professional strength denture cleaner
  • Sonic denture bath
  • Selection of denture brushes and containers
  • Night guards